Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Myself and beauty

Soo, my first proper blog post!

I thought I'd better start off with a beauty related post!

as you may have seen from my previous post I'm 13, so don't really have that much experience with makeup, but it is one of my strongest passions!

In the past year I've become increasingly obsessed with youtube and blogs leading me to many a beauty guru! These videos have made my knowledge of makeup and the application of makeup so much more extensive and taught me there is a world beyond block eyeshadow colours and lip gloss!

I'd always been around makeup as I've been in musical shows and dance showcases for the majority of my life, and anyone who also does things on stage knows there's a need for makeup or else you end up looking like a ghost!
however, my mum usually did this for me until i got to the age of about 9 when i started to try things for myself!
this wasn't always as successful and intended but by the age of around 11 i had pretty much got the gist of things. Although stage makeup generally consists of foundation, bright blush, blue eyeshadow, mascara, eye liner and red lipstick. So not the best way to do everyday makeup!

At primary school I'd never really bothered with makeup as it wasn't allowed in school and i was too busy being childish and what not! but as i started high school i started to wear makeup practically everyday when i could be bothered, but this was just mascara and lip gloss (your average year 7 girl!)

I'd got this massive makeup collection of things my Grandma had given me (she'd buy loads of Este Lauder, and then never use it !) and stuff that had been given to me by my older sister or bought for birthdays. but i found that i never used half the gorgeous makeup i had! and i started to venture in to more makeup looks when i went out to meals or the cinema and things like that. this was improving my colour tastes and working out how to apply things without looking like a clown!

as i got into to year 8 and now 9 makeup has become a daily part of my life! It's not a insecurity problem, and i feel (thankfully) fully confident to spend days out without any makeup. but i always get excited in the mornings about what look i could do for school, and any plans to have a no makeup day go completely out of the window!

and now I've reached my teenage years, I've become partial to a good ol' smokey eye and love trying new makeup, techniques, brands and trends.

i look forward to learning and sharing my latest makeup loves.

Lots of love,
Faye xx

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