Monday, 29 July 2013

30 Things about ME!!

Hey guys, I love watching the 50 things about me tag on YouTube and reading about people on blogs, soo I thought I'd join in, but seeing as though I'm only 13 I figured I wouldn't really have that much to say from my short life so I reduced it to 30. hope you enjoy!

  1. I was born with the name Faye Rhiannon Jones.
  2. I live and was brought up in Cheshire in the north west England.
  3. I have been a keen dancer, singer and actress my whole life.
  4. My favourite colour is PINK!!.
  5. My favourite flower is Cherry Blossom, or lilies.
  6. I am going into year 10 in September.
  7. My biggest wish in life is to build and live in my own home.
  8. I have never wanted to travel the world, but desperately want to go to Brazil to the Rio Carnival!
  9. I have a half brother and a half sister.
  10. I enjoy growing my own vegetables.
  11. I love the Divergent books.
  12. I find applying false eyelashes super easy!
  13. I am half Welsh.
  14. I love the Big Bang Theory.
  15. The view from my bedroom window is the whole of the town I live in all the way to an airport 15 miles away.
  16. I hate all sports other than dancing.
  17. I love Zumba!
  18. I love Chips (fries) more than anything! I can smell them from the street if other people are cooking them!
  19. Mushrooms make me gag.
  20. I love shopping. Especially in Primark!
  21. I have always been able to walk in high heels, and find them incredibly comfortable!
  22.  I call Polar Bears 'Polo Bears'.
  23. I'm really organised but my room is so messy.
  24. I hate slugs!
  25. I cannot sleep in a room with a spider or fly or moth, just in case I swallow it in the night!
  26. The sea terrifies me, but I love swimming.
  27. I love airplanes, especially airplane food!
  28. I can do the splits.
  29. I've known my best friend Lauren, pretty much all my life, and we've danced together since we were 3.
  30. I am OBSESSED with the internet; YouTube, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, you name it: I love it!
Well I hope you know me a bit better now!
Lots of Love, Faye xx

My Every Day Makeup Routine

Hey there!

So, today I thought I would do a post on my everyday makeup routine.

Right then, lets get started. It won't be in depth because I'm waiting on a load of makeup for my birthday in a month or so (I'm super excited!!).So this is what I manage to cram in the short time I have in the mornings.

  • first of all: I usually don't use any foundation or concealer, but if I'm having a bad skin day or have HUGE bags under my eyes I use a very light weight foundation. I use the Miss Sporty: So clear Perfect Skin: Medium foundation. Which is supposedly dermatologically tested for young skin, so it can't be bad really can it! I think this foundation provides a naturally matte skin finish and helps reduce any redness or blemishes on my face.

  • next: I fill in my eyebrows; Due to my eyebrows being VERY blonde and very few and far between:( sometimes I use a brow pencil. I use the MUA: Eyebrow Pencil: Blonde. And then sometimes I use eye shadow and an angled brush. I use Estee Lauder: Pure Colour Eye shadow: 04 Wild Sable. These tend to make me look less like an alien if I haven't dyed my eyebrows in a while, which is always good!

  • next: I do a very natural eye shadow look. Just putting the lighter colour in my duo on the whole lid and then the darker one on the outer corner. For this I use Estee Lauder: Signature Silky Eye shadow Duo: 18 Indigo. Which is a very light pale pink and then a murky dark purple colour. Both are ever so slightly shimmery.

  • next: I very thinly line my upper lid with a slight flick on the end with MUA: Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner: Black. Which is basically what it says on the tin! And for £1, like most MUA products, I think it's pretty darn good!

  • next: MASCARA TIME!! I really can never decide on which mascara I want to use, so I have quite a few on the go. However my current favourite is Estee Lauder: Projectionist: Black. And it does everything, I think, a good mascara should do!

  • next: if it's a seriously hot day or I have PE and I know I'm probably going to get a bit hot and sweaty, I powder my skin with No7: loose powder: 07 dark. although It doesn't show up very dark at all and just gives you a more flawless finish rather than a extra coat of foundation!.

  • and finally: lipstick/gloss. I don't always bother with lippy as I tend to have either licked it all off or wiped it off whilst eating within an hour but sometimes if I'm going out or feeling extra fancy, Ill take some in my bag with me. I always go for a pink, nude or coral colour as red does NOT look good on me! It completely washes out my face. My current go to- Is either Avon cosmetics: Colour Trend Lipstick: Pink Diamond which is a very bright, princess like almost fuchsia colour. Or Estee Lauder: Pure Colour, Crystal Lipstick: Crystal Coral. A gorgeous coral colour which is very similar to the colour of my lips so, basically acts as a nude. Now for lip gloss. Recently I have been loving 17: Endless Shine Lip Gloss: Dolly Bird. Which is a very inexpensive but high quality product that looks gorgeous on the lips. On top of lipstick it doesn't give a very high colour pay off but just leaves an amazing shine but on its own its a almost sheer, slightly shimmery light-ish pink, and it looks amazing!!

And that completes my every day makeup routine!
Hope you enjoyed!
Lots of Love,
Faye xx

what's your favourite everyday makeup product? tell me in the comments!