Monday, 29 July 2013

30 Things about ME!!

Hey guys, I love watching the 50 things about me tag on YouTube and reading about people on blogs, soo I thought I'd join in, but seeing as though I'm only 13 I figured I wouldn't really have that much to say from my short life so I reduced it to 30. hope you enjoy!

  1. I was born with the name Faye Rhiannon Jones.
  2. I live and was brought up in Cheshire in the north west England.
  3. I have been a keen dancer, singer and actress my whole life.
  4. My favourite colour is PINK!!.
  5. My favourite flower is Cherry Blossom, or lilies.
  6. I am going into year 10 in September.
  7. My biggest wish in life is to build and live in my own home.
  8. I have never wanted to travel the world, but desperately want to go to Brazil to the Rio Carnival!
  9. I have a half brother and a half sister.
  10. I enjoy growing my own vegetables.
  11. I love the Divergent books.
  12. I find applying false eyelashes super easy!
  13. I am half Welsh.
  14. I love the Big Bang Theory.
  15. The view from my bedroom window is the whole of the town I live in all the way to an airport 15 miles away.
  16. I hate all sports other than dancing.
  17. I love Zumba!
  18. I love Chips (fries) more than anything! I can smell them from the street if other people are cooking them!
  19. Mushrooms make me gag.
  20. I love shopping. Especially in Primark!
  21. I have always been able to walk in high heels, and find them incredibly comfortable!
  22.  I call Polar Bears 'Polo Bears'.
  23. I'm really organised but my room is so messy.
  24. I hate slugs!
  25. I cannot sleep in a room with a spider or fly or moth, just in case I swallow it in the night!
  26. The sea terrifies me, but I love swimming.
  27. I love airplanes, especially airplane food!
  28. I can do the splits.
  29. I've known my best friend Lauren, pretty much all my life, and we've danced together since we were 3.
  30. I am OBSESSED with the internet; YouTube, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, you name it: I love it!
Well I hope you know me a bit better now!
Lots of Love, Faye xx

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  1. I love cherry blossoms AND lilies! I can't sleep in my room if I know there is a spider or moth in there. LOl I literally shiver at the thought. Have you seen Raising Hope?? The girl on that show sleeps with a panty hose over her head to make sure she doesn't swallow bugs in her sleep. haha

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